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It's been a blast at CQ this year. Seen the Comedy Shorts twice (if you can, see Ducked & Covered, a hilarious Post Apocolyptic film) and also saw Friction, which was really good. One of the best films at the fest. I loved the Norwegian film Upperdog, which has a character who is almost exactly like my friend Natasha. She's described as Cheeky. I loved the film Babnik, which was a very well-made mobster film. I really enjoyed The Bank Robber, an Estonian film about a guy who just got out of jail. It' sthe kind of film that you see most of it comign down the pipe, but you get a couple of shots out of nowhere and it all changes.

The biggest disappointment for me: The Real Revolutionaries. The problem wasn't the visuals. which were pretty stunning, but the content. If you're making a doc about the great IC companies, you really should mention the 4004 and the fact that Busicom made Intel the most important company in the world by selling them the right to the microprocessor for 60K. That's the kind of thing you MUST mention. Still, it wasn't actively bad.

I'm not going to get to see Applause, starring Paprika Steen. I love Paprika Steen (she was great in The Substitute) and I was hoping I'd see it. I'm also going to miss one of the shorts programs. I feel so bad.

Today, I'm announcing two shorts programs. I miss announcing.

Still, all these Tweets from Gally make me wish I'd gone, but Cinequest this year has been a lot of greatness.
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