Johnny Eponymous (johnnyeponymous) wrote,
Johnny Eponymous

My next documentary

OK, so I've done the first, awful Doc that I plan on doing now that I have an easy to use and compact camera, it's terrible, but you can see it at and wallow in the crapulence!

I want to work on another Steampunk doc, this one a bit more experimental, and as such, I'm calling for a few bits of help. It's going to be four 'feeds', two audio, two visual, relating to Steampunk.

What am I looking for?

Well, I'm going to be interviewing folks at SteamCon, and maybe a few before. Each interview will be about 10 minutes, edited down to 5 minutes.

I'm looking for Short-Short stories / poetry, about 500-750 characters. Not words, characters. That's the hard part, I think.

I'm going to be shooting a bunch of different footage, a lot at SteamCon and some random other pieces around. I'll probably also shoot the Babbage Engine again, and such.

I'll be getting some music done. That'll take a bit of time.

And all of that will lead to a single piece. Trust me, it'll be good stuff.

And thus, I'm on another project, though this time, I've got what I need to actually do it myself!
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