Johnny Eponymous (johnnyeponymous) wrote,
Johnny Eponymous

Klaus at Gunpoint

OK, as always, I'm working on another project. I'm still working on the Docs (and have done a couple of more) and now, it's time to start another!

Klaus at Gunpoint: A Journal of Film

The goal will be to do a journal that is accessible to both the everyday film lover and those who are film students and the like. I've envisioned it going something like this -

There will be three parts - A Reviews section looking at Films and DVDs (not only mainstream and Art House fare, but also Festival films and specialty bits), books, Festivals, events, equipment and more.

Second, a themed section that'll rotate every issue. The first one: Klaus Kinsky and Werner Herzog and the films they made together.

Finally, a section for personal essay/interviews/other. My initial thought for this bit is to try and get the experience of making movies as well as interacting with them. One thing I know I'll be working on for the first issue will be a bit about a few movie theatres that I've known and loved.

So, when am I planning on doing all of this? I'm starting now with plans of having a first issue ready for the first of March, That gives me plenty of time. If you're interested in writing for us, drop me a line with what you'd like to write about at garcia @

OK, I'm on it!
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