Johnny Eponymous (johnnyeponymous) wrote,
Johnny Eponymous

TAFF 2009 Westbound Race Result

Thank you to all who have supported, nominated, voted, or stood in
this TAFF race. This has been a fine race, with 175 votes cast.

Steve Green (stevegreen) won on the first round with an absolute
majority of the first-place preference votes cast and is declared the
winner. Steve will travel to Anticipation, the Worldcon in Montréal,
in August, and is planning the rest of his itinerary.

Congratulations Steve, and commiserations Tom.

Total of first place votes
Candidate European votes North American votes Total
Steve Green 89 61 150
Tom Womack 6 9 15
No Preference 4 6 10
Hold Over Funds 0 0 0

NB 5 Rest of World voters have been rolled up into the North America
column to conceal their votes. This does not affect the result.
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