Johnny Eponymous (johnnyeponymous) wrote,
Johnny Eponymous

My Two New Zines...

OK, so on the same day, I managed to finish my two latest zines.

First, it's exactly five years since Bill Burns posted the first issue of The Drink Tank. Five years, 238 issues of The Drink Tank have come and gone. I'm rather amazed that I managed to last this long! This issue's got Jason Wiener's movie reviews of my favorite movies of 2009 (some of which he didn't like), Jason Schachat on AnimeLA, Lloyd Penney on a con-long-gone, Me on The Flips, my favorite issues, and the last five years Jeff Boman (who's running for DUFF) on wrestling, Vanessa Van Wagner on Lost and Found, A John Purcell LoC, and much much more!

Look for that at and maybe even give it a read.

On the other hand, I also put out a HUGE issue of Exhibition Hall! Ariane Wolfe on Fashion, James Bacon on the Oxford Steampunk exhibit, Mark Valentine on Carnacki (a GREAT and thorough article!), reviews of Sherlock Holmes and Ignition City, a look at Coin-Operated Boy, The World Steam Expo and so much more! Plus amazing art from amazing artists!

You can find it at

Yes, that's a lot for one day, and now I sleep. Both zines have theme issues coming up. We're still working on the Whiskey issue of The Drink Tank, and there's the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen issue of Exhibition Hall. Send stuff to!
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