Johnny Eponymous (johnnyeponymous) wrote,
Johnny Eponymous

The Ten Things You Probably Haven't Done thingee

OK, so yes, I am a memefiend, though I hate the concept of memes (they're a hoax, pass that on) so here is my ten things list

1) Dated two women each worth more than 100 million dollars at the time.

2) Had my computer on display at The British Museum.

3) Hit on Gwen Steffani without knowing who she was.

4) Watched a short documentary on my life and refused to accept it was real.

5) Presented a Hugo while wearing a Fred Flintstone shirt and Dr. Who scarf

6) Beaten the inventor of SpaceWar! Steve Russell and Atari founder Nolan Bushnell playing SpaceWar!

7) Offered Dan Ackroyd a Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich, He declined.

8) Sat next to Dr. Kevorkian on an airplane

9) Had two dates to my Senior Prom (you might have done this is you are a sitcom character)

10) Played a Mime in a short film.

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