Johnny Eponymous (johnnyeponymous) wrote,
Johnny Eponymous

You might say I'm a geek...

I don't know how I had not heard about, but alas, I had not.

And now I have.

I am, in fact, a geek. I'm a lot of different geeks, actually.

I'm a video game geek, as I often watch a movie or read a book and say "they're gonna make it through, this is only the under-boss of the level" and often have the sound effects of video games going off in my head when I read a fight or chase scene. I'm a movie geek as I love not only SF Blockbusters and schlock cinema and foreign works of art and brassy musicals, but ephemeral films, documentaries, propaganda films, old commericals and music videos. I'm certainly an SF geek, and a horror geek to a degree, and a wrestling geek and a food geek (as opposed to a Foody) and I'd say I'm an Awards geek, and not just ones that I find myself on the ballot for, but all sorts of awards in all sorts of fields. I'm a lists geek, as anyone who has read The Drink Tank issues dealing with the National FIlm Registry or my love of Halls of Fame and the like.

And I might be a Fanzine Geek. Maybe...

In other words, I love the geeking lifestyle, always have.

And without that, I wouldn't be a curator today. I've told the story before: ten years old, Forry's place for a tour and I fall in love and somehow hear Forry say the word "Curator" about his collection and I fall in love with the concept once I look up what it means. For the rest of my life, I want to be a curator, and somehow I've duped a museum into letting me be one! That happened because I was a young geek who went someplace awesome and came away with a new hope.

Geekery has informed my world view, introduced me to amazing people around the world, let me say all the stupid things that pop into my head and have people read and and generally made me a happy guy who has a rosy image of the world he lives in because I'm living in the Age of the Geek, which I find beautiful.

So, there it is, I'm a geek, but I suspect no one reading this is surprised.
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