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The WorldCon of Non-Serious Fanesque LJs

Remember: Thomas Edison was a Great Man, but a bastard to his wife and Kids

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Johnny Eponymous
21 October 1974
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OK, this could take a while, so you may want to get comfy...perhaps light a cigarette or some incense.

I'm a writer, a filmmaker, a historian, a lover of stories, a lover of wrestling, a guy who loves going for walks, a guy who loves in his own little world sometimes, venturing out only for movies, dinners out, music, and to buy breath mints. And at other times, I'm never home. I'm conflicted like that.

Scif-Fi and Horror is what I used to write, though I am always trying to branch out. Basically, I gave an early birthday gift to Gordo Van Gelder and decided to quit writing fiction. Now, I'm all about fan writing. I've had articles in Peregrin Nations and Catchpenny Gazette as well as Nth Degree and a few others. I'm the editor (and frequently the sole writer for) The Drink Tank and I write Claims Department. James Bacon and Claire Brialey do a zine called Journey Planet which is way better than anything I do myself. you can find all of it on eFanzines.com

In all honesty, I imagine we've met before, or at least if we were to bump into each other on the street, you'd think I look familiar.

by the way...I loved you in the Jewel Theif movie

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